Helpful Resources for Employers

Please note that the below information is not applicable to employers sitused in the state of New York.  There is a specific Helpful Resources section for NY-sitused employers that can be reached via the navigation bar at the top of the screen or by clicking this link.

Administrative Resources

* Administration Manual (264.62 KB)
Your go-to source for information. Provides information on all aspects of your benefit plan, including Enrollment, Billing, Claims, etc.
* Self Bill Premium Calculation Guide (63.18 KB)
Provides how-to example when calculating self-bill premiums
* eAdministration: User Guide (2.4 MB)
System guide to using eAdministration for billing, reporting and form look-up.
* eAdministration: Quick Reference Guide for List Bill Customers (276.21 KB)
Are you a list-bill customer? Here is a quick hit guide to answer your system questions about eAdministration.

Deep Dives with additional detail

For Long-Term Disability members

For Life members